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Angermeyer Family - A Colonizing History

Karl, Gus, Hans and Fritz Angermeyer arrived on Santa Cruz in 1937 to escape the turbulence in Europe. Their parents were keen for their sons to flee, and sold their home in order to purchase them the yacht which they named after their mother, ‘Marie’.

They sailed first to Holland, then onto England

They had heard about the Galápagos Islands from a sea captain, who had de- scribed the islands as a paradise–a place to have true adventures, with an ocean brimming with fish and foot trees. Well he painted a very pretty picture but the reality of life on the Islands was a lot tougher than he made out.

The brothers settled on Santa Cruz and one by one they married and built their lava rock houses on and around the rocky headland today known as Angermeyer Point. When Karl Angermeyer began building his house, the colony of marine iguanas inhabiting the rugged volcanic headland ignored this new presence on their turf. In fact, they never moved out, and learnt to live in harmony with their new neighbours: one named Ani Ani even slept in the fireplace!

The Man Behind the Boats.

Fiddi’s father, Fritz had this quote from John Steinbeck engraved on a plaque in his workshop, and it very much sums up the Angermeyer boats; “A Man builds the best of himself into a boat – builds many of the unconscious memo- ries of his ancestors.”

When Fiddi was just a small boy his father and his mother, built the ‘Nixe’, she had just one small motor and was at first used for fishing. It was on this boat that Fiddi learnt everything there is to know about sailing and from which his passion for remodelling boats grew.

Fiddi’s hobby has always been reconstructing damaged, gutted boats and bringing them back to life. Over the years he has remodelled some eleven boats, each time perfecting his designs on space and comfort. His latest overhaul is the Mandalay, an old scientific research station found off the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

PASSION about sailing

There is nothing like the sound of a boat under full sail, with the wind filling up the sails and propelling you through the water.

On our boats a gust of wind means all hands on deck, as we raise the sails and take on the waves. For those ‘sailors at heart’ who want to join the crew hoisting sails, talk to the captain. Or you can sit back on deck and enjoy the peace, the wind and nothing but thoughts of being free.

How often do you get to see the sunset and sunrise from a different place every day? Overnight to your next sunrise and fingers crossed for clear skies.

Channel crossings under a starry night sky, perhaps guided through the water by dolphins riding the bow. As the moon hides out behind the night cloud, watch the phosphorescence dancing, performing its own underwater light show in the ship’s wake.

Expert Crew and Staff

A part of the Angermeyer Cruises family, they have worked with us for many years gaining invaluable experience on our boats. The majority of the crew are from the islands, so they really know and appreciate the wonder of the archipelago. One hundred percent committed to providing a safe and unforgettable Galápagos experience, the crew are involved in ongoing training as part of their work and professional development.

Fiddi’s sisters, Maggie and Ana, head the main office on Galápagos, with a team of local staff passionate about the islands and their work.

Exceptional Guides

Our guides are incredibly professional and possess an amazing quantity of knowledge of the flora and fauna of the islands. They are truly dedicated to the conservation of the archipelago and extremely respectful of the wildlife they will introduce you to.

All field guides are certified by the Galapagos National Park and are qualified to follow the itineraries authorised by the park.

Your guide will lead you on all land visits and marine activities during your cruise. He or she will also relay daily briefings, having carefully planned all the details of each day’s activities with the captain.

A Safe Journey

All our boats are renovated by Fiddi Angermeyer. He also supervises the ongoing maintenance and repair of the boats at the Angermeyer Cruises workshop on the islands and at shipyards on mainland Ecuador for major overhauls. Each ship has up–to–date navigation and safety equipment on board, meeting ISM, SOLAS and IMO standards, and constant radio contact is maintained with the marina and the office. There are enough life jackets for all passengers and crew members on board.

Our professional, fully qualified and dedicated captains and crew have safety in mind at all times and are fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

They will demonstrate the use of life-vests and the use and location of safety equipment in the manda- tory safety drill carried out with all new groups. The crew also take part in exercises and fire drills as part of their weekly training programs, an integral part of our commitment to safety at sea. We are covered by (P&I) insurance (Protection and Indemnity). See Terms and Conditions for more details.

They are a locally owned company; our staff and crew are from the islands. The transport we use is owned and local skills maintain and upkeep of our boats. We purchase products from farmers of the Cascajo highlands of Santa Cruz and bread from the women of the Panadería Perlas del Pacífico.

On the Islands they support ASOGAL’s (National Association Tourism Companies in Galápagos) Social Responsibility pro- grams and the Galápagos Foundation’s Initiatives to promote sustainability and conservation.

What we gain from Galápagos we give directly back to Galápagos wherever we can.

S/S MaryAnne

Launched in 1997, this elegant barquetine was designed specifically with environmentally friendly operations in mind and is certified by Smart Voyager. The Mary Anne is the perfect ship for those who love to travel under sail; she has 1000m2 of canvas with which she majestically takes to the waves.

She can accommodate up to 24 passengers in 12 double, tastefully furnished cabins. All cabins have private bathrooms with hot water and all are designed with one double lower berth and a single upper berth. Two double cabins.

Crew: Captain, First mate, Engineers, Two sailors, Chef, Chef’s assistant, Naturalist guide.

Safety Equipment: Two 25-passenger and two 20-passenger life rafts with safety regulation equipment, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), Search and Rescue Transponder (SART), Central alarm with smoke and fire detectors, Life jackets, Fire extinguishers.


• A comfortable lounge done in rich, wood panelling. • A cosy bar area.
• Ample sundecks.
• Deck seating.

• Onboard freshwater makers.

Public areas

¥The SUN DECK: the bridge, an open-air seating area/dinette and kayak storage.

¥The MAIN DECK: the dining room, galley (kitchen), library and entertainment centre.

¥The CABIN DECK: where all guest accommodations are located.

S/Y Sagitta

Built in Sweden in 1961 and remodelled in the Galápagos Islands in 1998 by Fiddi. The most outstanding features of this vessel are her looks, space, versatility, safety and stability. Sagitta was designed for environmentally friendly operations and has Smart Voyager certification. She carries 16 passengers in ten air-conditioned cabins; each has one double lower berth and a single upper berth with private bathroom and hot water.

Crew: Captain, First mate, Engineer, Two sailors, Chef, Assistant chef, Naturalist guide.

Safety Equipment: Two fully equipped 20-passenger
life rafts, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), Search and Rescue Transponder (SART), Central alarm with smoke and fire detectors, Overhead sprinkler system, Life jackets, Fire extinguishers.


• A cosy bar area.
• Ample sundecks.
• Deck seating.
• Onboard freshwater makers.

Public areas

¥The UPPER DECK: the bridge, an open-air seating area/dinette and a salon/bar.
The MAIN DECK: the dining room, galley (kitchen). Guest accommodations.

¥The LOWER DECK: guest accommodations and library/entertainment centre.

First Class

M/S “The Beagle” – A magnificent schooner

If you want to experience life on board a romantic teak-decked schooner, The Beagle is for you! Her spacious interiors ensure your total relaxation, while the beautiful topside areas are ideal for bird watching or observing dolphins from the bow. Accommodating only 14 guests, The Beagle is tailor-made for families, special-interest groups or private parties, and her friendly, professional crew and naturalist guide will ensure your every need is taken care of.

The Beagle holds the Smart Voyager Certificate for sound conservation and socially responsible business practices, so by sailing with her you actively help protect these enchanted islands.