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October to March is when the temperature is most pleasant. However, Indochina is a year-round destination although conditions may vary. During May and June it can get particularly hot and July to September is the season of the south-western monsoon, when wet conditions bring welcome respite from the heat.

Whilst many people avoid the “off season”, there are plenty of good reasons to travel during this time, when hotel rates are reduced and the attractions are less crowded.  During the rainy season natural habitats and wildlife are also particularly photogenic.


You should consult your doctor on inoculations for travel to Indochina. Immunisation against polio, typhoid, hepatitis and malaria prophylactics are advised as precautions, the risk may well be greater in remote, off the beaten track regions. British Airways Travel Clinics offer free health advice to anyone going abroad. Visit www.britishairways.com/travelclinics for your nearest clinic. For general advice for your trip, please visit www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk.


Please note that travel insurance (including adequate cancellation cover) is a condition of booking, we can help arrange this for you through one of our business partners or you must arrange cover independently and we require a signed declaration from you stating that you have adequate alternative insurance for your trip.


Air conditioned cars and drivers will be provided for all road journeys wherever available. Roads are improving in the cities in Laos, although the deeper you venture into the countryside the conditions of the roads can deteriorate especially during the monsoon months. Although roads are improving, the volume of traffic is on the increase and a perpetual combination of mopeds. cars, trucks, bullock carts and bicycles ensure that the average speed between locations should not exceed 50km per hour. The driving times shown in our itineraries are estimates only.


All non-residents require visas for Laos. It is possible to acquire visas for Laos on arrival.  The cost depends on which country you are travelling from and how long you are travelling for, as well as upon which visa type you are applying.  A one month tourist visa typically costs $35 USD.

Tourist visas for British passport holders may vary in length depending on the country and the type of visa applied for. Passports must usually be valid for 6 months after return from the destination country. It is advisable to carry photocopies of passports, flight tickets, insurance cover notes and any other important documents. Should a document be lost, its replacement will be greatly facilitated by this precaution.


For up to the minute travel advice and tips, we recommend that you visit www.fco.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo.


We recommend various airlines and will advise on the most suitable airline for each itinerary. We recommend British Airways, Thai Airways, Jet Airways, Eva Air, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Prices quoted exclude flights, however we are happy to help organise these for you.

Laos is possibly the most relaxed nation on earth. Largely undeveloped, life continues much as it always has done – slowly. It has the lowest population density in Asia, largely due to its rugged, mountainous terrain. More than seventy percent of the country is made up of highland areas with most of the population concentrated in the river valleys.

Anyone with a passion for travel and a sense of adventure will love Laos.   It still retains a beguiling air of romantic mystique, from strolling through the charming ancient town of Luang Prabang,  with its ornate temples, old colonial buildings and saffron robed monks to the simple beauty of watching the sun set over the Mekong, drink in hand...

Look beyond this, and you will find a captivating and beautiful country filled with breath taking paddy fields and mountain scenery, cascading waterfalls and remote ethnic minority villages, all bound together by the the lifeblood of the country - the mighty Mekong River. Traditional customs are still an important part of everyday Lao life, and it's refreshing to visit a country to experience this, whether the sight of monks collecting alms in the morning, or the hustle and bustle of locals shopping at the local market, or ordering their dinner from a roadside food stall.

The one lasting impression for most visitors is of the Lao people and their overwhelming friendliness. Come to Laos and you will be made to feel welcome by everyone.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself being invited into peoples homes, for meals, even for weddings, Lao people love to share and treat visitors to their country as honoured guests.

Venture off the well worn tourist trail for a real glimpse of authentic  Laotian life and culture. Stay in comfortable eco lodges and take in the mesmerizing beauty of this captivating country.  Along the way, you will get to meet some of the hill tribes who inhabit Laos’s remote villages as well as visit an Asiatic bear sanctuary, go dolphin spotting on the Mekong, camp and trek in search of gibbons, Asian elephants, jungle cats, birdlife and much more in some of the most bio diverse forests in Southeast Asia

This Grand Tour of Laos takes in some of the very best cultural and natural sights that this beautiful country has to offer. From the charming city of Luang Prabang  to the stunning limestone karst scenery of Vang Vieng to the breathtaking natural beauty of the south, including a visit to Asia’s widest waterfall, this tour will not fail to captivate even the most worldly wise traveler.

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